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Available to customers in the Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida region from Blue Ridge Industrial Sales, Inc., Sugino's Selfeeder™ product line has set the industry standard for accuracy and reliability for drilling and tapping units.

All Selfeeder Servo drill units enable precision CNC-controlled drilling through tough materials and exotic metals. High quality servo motors and precision ball screws allow the units to maintain constant feed rates, minimizing burr generation and maximizing tool life. The Selfeeder Varimec SSV5 is a high-power mechanical feed drilling unit that features 1.6 kW spindle motor output and 7,760 N thrust. Able to drill holes up to 18 mm in diameter, its extreme rigidity and high-precision structure eliminates side-load chattering when performing end milling and facing operations.

Used in manufacturing operations around the globe, Selfeeder drilling and tapping units are exceptionally precise and extremely efficient. Contact us today to learn more about this versatile and economical line of products.

Factory Authorized Dealer of Sugino Products

Features & Benefits

  • High-precision CNC controlled drilling unit capable to drill newly developed material and exotic material
  • High quality servo motor for feed and precise ball screw
  • Designed to eliminate the feed rate fluctuation of feed speed by drilling force
  • Less burr generation for through hole drilling and longer tool life
  • High precision, high efficiency, less space and cost
  • Spindle motor output 1.6 kW and thrust 7,760N
  • Highly rigid and high-precision structure
  • Allows maximum diameter 18 mm for drilling, through steel products facing and end milling machining
  • Eliminates side-load chattering

Sugino Brochures & Catalogs

Servo Catalog
Servo Catalog

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Selfeeder Electric
Selfeeder Electric

(PDF - 3.96MB)
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