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Factory Authorized Supplier of Material Hennig Machine Protection Products

Factory Authorized Supplier of Material Hennig Machine Protection Products
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Blue Ridge Industrial Sales, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer's representative for the Hennig line of protective machine coverings and chip/coolant management systems. Hennig products set the standard for safeguarding machines and components, improving the life of precision machines and the accuracy of their output.

Constructed from rolled high-grade sheet steel, Hennig's custom steel covers protect machine way surfaces, ball screws, servo motors, and other sensitive machine parts under the most extreme conditions. With heavy-duty construction and components, their chip conveying systems withstand the rigors of constant use and require minimal maintenance. Also offered, are specially designed heat-sealed bellows, which are built from the highest quality materials and feature a tailored fit for maximum reliability and durability.

Many of the biggest names in the metalworking industry turn to Hennig products year after year to protect valuable machines and the people who operate them. Serving customers in the Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida region, you can rely on Blue Ridge Industrial Sales to supply these products in a timely and coordinated manner. Contact us today to learn more.

Featured Hennig Products

Telescoping Steel Covers

  • Wiper System: High endurance, insert-able polyurethane wipers
  • Wipers: provides protection of the wiper from hot chips
  • Steel: Special, high quality heavy-gauge sheet steel is used to withstand the abuses of the shop environment
  • Interlocking Design: Wrap around construction ensures precise location of individual cover sections and automatically provides the necessary initial preload for the flexible wipers

Heat Sealed Folded Bellows

  • Maximum functional reliability
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Maximum durability
  • Proven components
  • Minimum service requirements
  • Available in a variety of carrier materials including Kevlar, Nylon, Polyester and Nomex

Chip Conveyors

  • Hennig Chip protects the conveyor from damage in the event that an over accumulation of particles or a foreign object blocks the proper movement of the conveyor belt
  • Heavy duty direct drive motors power Hennig chip conveyors
  • Hinge plates and side plates on Hennig chip conveyors are made from heavy-duty steel
  • Hennig incorporates a removable cover plate in its conveyor design. Removal of the plate is easy, and maintenance to the cover's interior can be conducted with minimal effort


Hennig Product Brochures

Hennig Product Overview

Telescopic Steel Covers

Folded Bellows

Chip Solutions

Flexible Products & Wipers

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    Fast repair for all manufacturer's covers.

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